One Man’s Quest to Run a Design Sprint

If you work in the design or innovation space, you’ve probably heard of Google Venture’s Design Sprint process or amazingly awesome book, Sprint! I got a copy back in the spring of 2016 and it opened my eyes to possibilities of work life, team structure and problem solving.

Admittedly, I am a slow reader — yet was able to burn through this book in 24 hours. I then reread it a week later as my designer heart filled with ideas and hope about the future. Read more…

Arts and Crafts meets Jedi Mind Tricks

You know how a good salesman/saleslady can make you feel like you can just hop right into something and take the world on? They give you a sense of confidence that ANYONE can do this? That’s how I felt when I stumbled upon this research methodology called Generative Design Research (GDR – yes I am acronyming within 10 seconds of this blog). giphy-downsized (2).gif
I found GDR on an InVision design talk and immediately fell in love with how human the techniques felt. It’s kind of like arts and crafts meets Yoda and then you Jedi mind trick each other into discovering and designing something that solves a wicked problem for the participant. Read more



In Defense of the Slack Ad

Why Slack’s ad was awesome and showed us how they embody passion and commitment to user experience.


Context: Microsoft makes intentions to make a “Slack” like product, Teams, and fully integrate it in the Microsoft suite. Slack responds a la Apple v. IBM and takes a full page ad out in the NY Times to draw a line in the sand. The ad showcases the CEO’s bravado and fulfills a snark-quota for sure. But before they drop the mic, Slack educates us on how to embody your mission. Continue reading “In Defense of the Slack Ad”

User Interface Time Bombs and Why We Need to Look at Customer Experiences Holistically

Think Through the Series of Interactions

OK – we’re all on the design train right?! Good – we should be! Design is how we think of our customer and how we contribute to solving their problem in a way that allows them to enhance their life. Design is an intentional manipulation to change a behavior.

User experience and user interactions are pieces of this design puzzle that facilitate the intended change we are creating. So we know we need good interactions – how do we create these and sustain them? Touch points.

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How to Pitch Innovation

how to get a thumbs up

How to pitch innovation to risk-averse people

I work in an industry where the vast majority (and probably rightly so) of employees are risk averse. Avoiding or minimizing risk is important (at times) to produce profit, increase shareholder value and advance a business in the right direction. In doing so, many firms pass up opportunity to break from the status
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What Will The Next Organizational Structure Look Like?

best organizational structures

What will organizations look like in the future?
I am fascinated by the cultural and structural dimensions that make up a company. You can have everything right: the right people, skills, funding, brand awareness, social following… and then it happens – you fail! why? Because companies are human eco-systems that live and breathe and if you haven’t deployed the proper one for your org, then it will die.
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