Customer View

Customer View is a project that I ran from ideation through implementation. I acted as the product manager to discover the needs of our call center reps and the customer.

I immersed myself in the call centers and spoke a lot with customers and reps to identify data needs and enhancements that would create a comprehensive call experience and empower reps to make deeper connections with customers. I used various interview, observation and game methods to drum up insights.

After researching, I created a vision and backlog for the project to drive at specific KPIs. I then went through a budget and prioritization process where I pitched and obtained buy-in from senior executives and partners across the business.

Once buy-in was secured, I then continued on as the Product Owner through development and implementation to ensure the features and vision were executed on, working directly with developers and analysts. Along with typical PO duties, I handled and managed the UX design throughout.

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