My process is pretty simple - it all starts with the human

For any challenge, understanding the person involved and what it is they are trying to achieve, gives me a ton of inspiration to help them to a solution. I like to break things down into these things:

  • Observe and Define the problem
    • Why should we solve it?
  • Understand Who, What, Where, Why, When and How
  • Zero in on the functional, personal, cultural and societal:
    • Jobs to be done
    • Pain points
    • Gain points
  • Assumptions
  • Constraints
    • Business
    • Behavioral
    • Societal
    • Environmental

Once these things are understood, I move forward to ideation and designing a Minimal Lovable Experience (i.e. whats the one thing that will achieve the goal and engage the customer).

The design/prototype then goes through testing (qualitative and/or quantitative)

Results are analyzed and we repeat the design cycle to find the best iteration possible for the outcome needed