Smart City Strategy For Innovation

The 4 Types of Cities and How to Prepare Them for the Future by John D. Macomber

Smart Cities are all the rage – but are we just blinded by the glitz and glamour of
new technology? Take a walk through some interesting city classifications and look at how focused innovation could be applied to fixing and creating the future.

Why I liked this article: I love new technology and creative solutions as much as anyone, but I liked how Mr. Macomber walks us through a logical classification system of city structures to focus attention of innovation in a productive manner. He classifies, describes and opines strategy for city leaders and entrepreneurs. I liked his thought around PPPs or Public-Private Partnerships that attach the private sector to major public infrastructure industry to meet needs of that city’s life stage. Let me know what you think!

Read time: 5 minutes


Here’s more on how a Private Public Partnership works by Skanska: