The Everyday Innovator’s Dilemma

Find Innovation Where You Least Expect It by Tony McCaffrey and Jim Pearson

best ways to innovate

So many times we get stuck trying to be novel or innovate in our jobs and life. Creativity is not something that just happens but
there can be a way to facilitate it and get the juices flowing. Innovation can come from anywhere and I hope this article shows you how to do so!

Why I like this article: Just by reading the info graphics gets me thinking more outside the box. The authors do a great job of taking you through the different barriers to innovation: Functional Fixedness, Design Fixation and Goal Fixedness. The case study around the Titanic sinking was particularly enlightening! An iceberg was seen as a problem and the cause to the massive ship’s demise. If the iceberg was viewed differently, maybe as a solution, it could have saved thousands of lives. The innovation process takes you through a way to start reclassifying the iceberg to become a 200’x400′ floating surface for which people may use to get out of the water. Innovate on!


Read time: 8-10 minutes

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